We have encountered the following questions while preparing MyGaDOE:


Will the way I work and/or what I do be changed by MyGaDOE?

NO.  Our objective is to keep the applications and work processes the same.  The only difference is in the fact that each application runs inside of MyGaDOE.  The functioning of the application itself will not be altered.  It will operate just like it did before.


Is MyGaDOE safe for sensitive and private information?

Yes.  The combination of the secured site, a user name and a password will help protect your access and the sensitive information with which you work.


Will Help Desk support change because of MyGaDOE?

No.  The system of support through the Help Desk will remain the same as under the old system.


How do I log into MyGaDOE?

Click here for information about logging into MyGaDOE.


Why did you change the name to "MyGaDOE"?

We changed the name because MyGaDOE better represented the purpose and function of the site, which is to provide a users a customizable connection to all the information and applications they need to do their jobs as it relates to the Georgia Department of Education.  The name Portal was always an interim one that we intended to change as soon as we decided on a better one.


Why are you changing the way MyGaDOE looks?

We are changing the way MyGaDOE looks in order to streamline it and make it more consistent with the GaDOE public Web site.  This will help users identify where they are regardless of which of the two sites they are in.  Also, making the two sites consistent in terms of standards used within each, such as consistent navigation queues, consistent locations for links and menu items will help users to use both sites efficiently and with fewer problems.


What browsers does the Georgia Department of Education support for MyGaDOE (i.e., which browsers are best for viewing MyGaDOE)?

The Georgia Department of Education supports Internet Explorer 5.5 and later versions for Windows operating systems and Firefox 1.0 and later for Mac operating systems.  Other browsers may or may not be able to view MyGaDOE pages properly.