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Judy Serritella
Coordinator, Library Media Services
1754 Twin Towers East
205 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive SE
Atlanta, GA 30334
 (404) 657-9800
 (404) 656-5744

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Alternative Evaluation Instruments for Library Media Specialists

A Library Media Specialist may be evaluated by his/her administrator on an instrument of the administrator’s choosing. The Georgia Media Specialist Evaluation Program Evaluation (GMSEP) Manual and the Georgia Media Specialist Evaluation Program have been used for several years. However, these instruments are not available electronically and have a training component.

Several alternative evaluation instruments have been created and are listed below. It is important and essential that a Library Media Specialist be evaluated on an instrument appropriate to their duties and responsibilities. While a Library Media Specialist is indeed an educator and the Library Media Center is the largest classroom in the building, a Library Media Specialist should not be evaluated on a classroom teacher instrument.

The Media Specialist as a Leader
These forms can be used to assist new media specialists, and as a guide for evaluating and improving the media program.

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