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Transportation Rules

The following are State Board rules pertaining to transportation.

Effective Date Rule Number
DFB 8/14/2003 160-5-3-.11 Standard Cost Development
EDCB/JCDAD 5/29/2002 160-5-3-.13 Student Safety
EDAA 6/5/1996 160-5-3-.01 Purchase of School Buses
EDAC 6/5/1996 160-5-3-.02 Contracted Transportation Services
EDC 4/14/1996 160-5-3-.14 Fuels and Explosives
EDCA 7/3/2002 160-5-3-.03 School Bus Inspections
EDD 8/14/2003 160-5-3-.10 Student Transportation Funding Surveys
EDF 10/13/2005 160-5-3-.16 Bus Transportation Records
EGD 4/8/1992 160-5-3-.04 School Bus Insurance
GAM/GCRA 10/9/1994 160-5-3-.15 Alcohol and Controlled Substances Testing
GCBA 10/14/2004 160-5-3-.08 School Bus Drivers
JCDAD/EDCB 5/29/2002 160-5-3-.13 Student Safety
GCBA 10/14/2000 160-5-4-.09 Limited Public School Choice

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State of Georgia rules pertaining to transportation:

20-2-188 Student Transportation
20-2-210 Annual performance evaluation
20-2-211 Annual contract; disqualifying acts; job descriptions; fingerprinting and criminal record checks
20-2-220 Limitations upon decreases in local salary supplements for school bus drivers and food service managers or employees
20-2-411 School funds kept separate; use of funds; separation of school taxes; investments
20-2-504 Authority to contract for pupil transportation
20-2-506 Definitions; authority to enter into multiyear lease, purchase, or lease purchase contracts
20-2-751.4 Policies prohibiting bullying; assignment to alternative school; notice
20-2-751.5 Student codes of conduct; safety rules on school buses; distribution
20-2-751.6 Disciplinary policy for students committing acts of physical violence against teacher, school bus driver, or other school official or employee
20-2-852 Maternity leave
20-2-1071 Transportation contracts
20-2-1072 Financial interest in transportation facilities or sale of school buses, school bus equipment, or school bus supplies of state and local school authorities prohibited
20-2-1073 Transportation forbidden if certified detrimental to student’s health; penalty
20-2-1074 Transportation for elderly, persons with disabilities, and 4-H activities
20-2-1075 Use of county and independent school buses for students participating in recreational or educational activities
20-2-1090 Accident insurance for children on school buses
20-2-1091 Payment of insurance premiums by school board or other bus owner
20-2-1092 Insurance coverage for general public; waver of school board’s immunity
20-2-1093 Mutual insurance policies to be nonassessable
20-2-1094 School boards to keep insurance policies
20-2-1110 Right of school bus driver to sick leave with pay; accumulation of unused sick leave
20-2-1111 Use of accumulated sick leave for personal reasons
20-2-1112 Driver on sick leave need not pay for substitute
20-2-1113 Fixing pay for substitute driver
20-2-1122 Penalties for violation or refusal to submit to test
20-2-1125 Annual mandatory training of school bus drivers; initial certification of drivers
20-2-1127 Schedule of school bus routes
20-2-1130 Duty of law enforcement and school officials as to traffic safety around schools
20-2-1131 Direction of traffic by school-crossing guards
20-2-1181 Disrupting public school; penalty
20-2-1182 Persons other than students who insult or abuse school teachers in the presence of pupils may be ordered to leave school premises
20-2-1183 Possession of electronic communication devises in school
GEORIGA TRAFFIC LAWS from Ga. Code/Title 40
40-1-1 Definitions
40-2-37 Registration and licensing of vehicles of state and political subdivisions
40-5-147 Requirements for issuance of license or instructional permit
40-5-150 Contents of license; classifications; endorsements and restrictions; information to be obtained before issuance; notice of issuance; expiration of license; renewal
40-6-142 Certain vehicles to stop at all railroad crossings
40-6-160 Speed limits
40-6-161 Headlights to be lit when transporting children; communication equipment required
40-6-162 Use of visual signals
40-6-163 Duty of driver of vehicle meeting or overtaking school bus; reporting of violations
40-6-164 Duty of school bus driver stopping to allow children to disembark
40-6-165 Operation of school buses
40-8-110 Identification and color
40-8-111 Equipment generally
40-8-112 Compliance with state board bus specifications
40-8-113 Standards applicable regardless of size or capacity
40-8-114 Operation of school buses by churches, private schools, and local transit systems; transportation of schoolchildren on buses owned or operated by public transit systems
40-8-115 Identification and equipment of school buses for special school route service
40-8-116 Unlawful acts
40-8-220 Inspection of public school buses
40-8-221 Penalty
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