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Teacher Retirement

Working After Retirement

Content Source: Teachers Retirement System of Georgia (TRSGA)

Can I work after I retire?

As a Teachers Retirement System of Georgia (TRSGA) retiree you can pursue other employment, but doing so could affect the continuation of your monthly benefit. Before accepting employment after retirement, you are urged to contact TRS to discuss your situation. Per Georgia law, audits are routinely conducted, and discrepancies are investigated. If warranted, retirement benefits can be terminated and/or funds collected for benefits wrongly paid. If you were retired on a service retirement on December 31, 2003, under specific conditions, you may return to full-time teaching in a Georgia public school and still retain your current monthly retirement benefit.  

  • A local school system may employ you as a full-time classroom teacher, principal, superintendent, counselor, or librarian. 
  • If you retired as a principal, you cannot be reemployed as a principal at the same school where you were employed prior to retirement. 
  • If you retired as a superintendent, you cannot be reemployed as a superintendent for the same school system where you were employed prior to retirement. 
  • As a non-contributing member of TRS, you will not receive any additional service credit toward your retirement.

All TRS retirees may engage in the following types of employment without jeopardizing their monthly benefit:

  • Substitute teaching at the substitute daily rate;
  • Private school teaching;
  • Teaching in a state other than Georgia;
  • Employment in the private sector;
  • Employment with a State of Georgia agency;
  • Self employment;
  • Employment in non-TRS covered positions; and
  • Less than half-time employment in TRS covered positions, which equates to  19 or less hours per week, or 78 or less hours per month.
  • 'Temporary' employment in a TRS covered position (not to exceed 3 months in a fiscal year).

TRS retirees must report all employment in Georgia’s public school systems, regional and county libraries, the University System of Georgia, and RESA units. Before returning to work in any capacity in Georgia’s public school system, you must have a "break-in-service" of at least one month; i.e., if you retire effective July 1, you cannot begin work in a public school system until August 1, at the earliest. (Penalties apply for non-adherence.) For more information, please read the Working After Retirement Fact Sheet.

Should you need more information, or if you have any questions, contact the TRS office at (404) 352-6500 or (800) 352-0650 or visit the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia website